Welcome to Sense, Sensibility, and Science Spring 2023!

Announcements about the course, enrollment, and other updates will be posted here, so please check back periodically—especially if you don’t have access to bCourses yet!


Each week, there will be two 1-hour lectures/plenaries and two 90-minute labs/sections. The class will be taught synchronously, partially in person and partially remotely for spring 2022. Attendance will be required (and pleasurable) for both in-person and online classes. 

On The Use of Lecture Time: Please note that while the Wednesday class time is listed as 10-12, we will only have class from 10-11 (and 10-11:30 on quiz days) to leave time for optional faculty office hours in the second half of Wednesday lectures!


On Additional Section Times: As the class fills, additional discussion sections will be added, likely during earlier times of the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


After you Enroll: After you register, please fill out the following survey so we get to know you better!


Have additional questions? Please email us at sensesensibilityscience@berkeley.edu.

Berkeley Changemaker Sections:

Two of the twelve sections of L&S 22 are part of the Berkeley Changemaker curriculum (https://changemaker.berkeley.edu/). These two sections will have discussions that draw a deeper connection to the Berkeley Changemaker mission of “Critical thinking, Communication, and Collaboration”, in addition to the same base course content as the other sections.


Co-taught by faculty from Physics (Saul Perlmutter, Nobel Prize 2011), Philosophy (Johann Frick), and Psychology (Amy Lerman), L&S 22 satisfies the Philosophy and Values, Physical Science, or Social and Behavioral Sciences breadth requirement in the College of Letters & Science.

For a list of topics discussed in the course, see http://sensesensibilityscience.com/schedule/

tl;dr: We won’t use all the time blocked in the course catalog. Read the paragraph above and email us if you have any questions.

-The SSS Teaching Staff